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N2 Nitrogen Tire Gauge APOLLO 30/50

Changing a vehicle's tire and loading it with Nitrogen is the best thing you can do for your customer. Keeping the tire stable to the benefits that Nitrogen brings means contributing to driver safety, fuel economy and stable tire wear. For your business, in addition to offering these benefits to your customer, you will enjoy additional optimal revenue, one of the best fast services of the moment and in rapid growth.

calibrador de pneus por nitrogenio apollo
calibrador de pneus por nitrogenio apollo

There are two models of equipment at your disposal, the APOLLO 30 and the APOLLO 50. Practically, the capacity of the tank and, consequently, the number of tires that can be worked simultaneously (2 and 4 tires) will make the difference between them.

  • Produces nitrogen from the compressed air pressure line

  • Compressed air pressure indicator watch

  • Nitrogen pressure indicator watch

  • Nitrogen purity indicator

  • Two calibration systems. Automatic and manual method, which reiterates the ease and speed of the procedure.

calibrador de pneus por nitrogenio apollo