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Tire changer APOLLO 301-Plus

The Apollo 301 Plus Tire Disassembler is an equipment suitable for all automotive centers because it is equipped with all the necessary resources for a perfect performance of services. This equipment is one of the most consulted and sold in the line of professional balancers of the brand.

desmontadora de pneus apollo
desmontadora de pneus apollo
  • Column with movable arm

  • Double pneumatic auxiliary arm for wheels with low profile

  • Turntable with synchronized centering and fine adjustment function, which makes operation easier and smoother

  • Plastic protectors on the shifting mandrel ensuring that the wheels are not damaged when disassembling the tire

  • Thick, rigid steel plate that certifies robustness.

  • This product has obtained CE certification from Europe.

desmontadora de pneus apollo