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Tire changer APOLLO 303-Plus

The Apollo 303-Plus Tire changer is a High-Performance equipment suitable for stores that want speed with quality and who want to stand out from the competition in technology. Its characteristics make the operator a fan of the equipment.

desmontadora de pneus apollo
desmontadora de pneus apollo
  • The hexagonal shaft "S41" has been further enhanced to avoid mechanical deformation during work

  • The clamping jaw or chuck is equipped with a plastic sleeve to provide more comprehensive protection for tires and wheels

  • Equipped with a mechanical arm that makes mounting and dismounting the tire quicker and easier

  • The base of the mechanical arm is a complete and durable set. Features ultra-wear resistant macromolecule nylon sliding block

  • Column with movable arm

  • Pneumatic disassembly tool integrated to the equipment which does not require the use of a spatula

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